Let’s be honest

Okay, so the internet is a weird place. We (definitely me, and I hear, also others) have a tendency to think that what people show us on social media or blogs is everything. I don’t like the term ‘real life’. People say it’s not real life on the internet. But I am here typing this. Yes, I’m a real life human. So I think it’s real, but it’s only a part.

People are selective with what they share. I don’t blame anyone for it. If someone’s sharing even a part of themselves, that might be hard and I am thankful for everyone’s insights. It’s inspiring to see people thrive.

I’ve heard people complain that someone on the internet/social media/whatever doesn’t post all about the upsetting, difficult parts of their lives. Hey, no one pretends their life is all roses. I think it’s on us as viewers.. we can interpret things how we want. That’s part of the beauty of social media. It’s so flexible and responsive. We can create the kind of media we want. If you want to see something, you can create it. You don’t need to wait for someone else.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t think anyone owes us anything. These are real people, humans! When they are showing me how to do excellent winged eyeliner, I will take the advice and be grateful (because I wasn’t going to figure that out on my own).

With all this in mind, I want to be honest, here. If I only posted online when I felt that my writing was just perfect… I would never post. If I waited until I was happy all day to post on instagram (sometimes even happy for a moment is a long wait) … you would never be graced with my latte art (just kidding, sort of).

I want to be real with you about some things:

I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be.

My apartment is pretty messy right now.

I made a tofu quiche for dinner and it looks fucking darling, but it doesn’t taste that good.

I started taking anti-depressants about a week ago and they’re not working yet.

I love every part of me.


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