We are connected

You will be hurt.

Beyond repair.

But not beyond regrowth. Your heart will evolve.

The good news is you are now someone who understands.

Understands what it means to have nothing left.

Understands what it means to wake up and realize everything around you is in flames.

Understands what it’s like to get the call.

To despair.

Feel in your heart the heaviness. Hold it and remember it. Use your pain as a connector. You now have the ability to know, really know, what it’s like.

You may not have experienced what they are experiencing or been where they are, but you know about pain. You know the emptiness. You have your own story of survival.

Be a person who understands. Use your pain to connect with others in pain.  Show your scars to others and tell them, look at my imperfections. See your humanity and theirs.

This is the gift of immense pain. I would never wish some of the things I have experienced on anyone. But in accepting the reality of your experiences, you can open yourself to accept the lessons.

Pain is a lesson if you let it be. We humans have the capacity to experience great pain. You are now linked to all the other imperfect humans who are in pain.

They understand what it’s like and so do you. We are connected.


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