5 reasons to be a quitter

Something I wrote is featured on Tiny Buddha Blog! Articles on this website have helped me a lot during various difficult times in my life, so I am honoured to be published here. This article is about my experience but I hope it resonates.

A few additional thoughts (since I wrote the article a while ago now):

I want to acknowledge that being able to choose to leave situations is a privilege that I have that many others don’t. I know that it is easier for me than a lot of other people due to the unearned benefits I receive as a white person who was raised in an upper-middle class family.

Also, as a person living with chronic illness and depression, I have decided that it’s not an option for me to stay in situations that are contributing to negative health. It’s not a decision of luxury, it’s survival. That’s a part of it that I didn’t discuss in the article.

Thank you for reading. And here it is:



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