A list of things to do when you work from home and feel lonely

  • Make yourself a cup of tea;
  • Take a selfie;
  • Pack up your work and go to a coffee shop. Being around other humans can help, you don’t even need to talk to someone necessarily. Feel the energy of others;
  • Go to the grocery store and make conversation with people in the organic produce section. You think I’m joking but once, I directed a kind-looking man to where the hot peppers are in Save-on-Foods, and then I realized he was the first person I had spoken to all day. Working from home means you miss all the casual conversations with co-workers. Often this is a positive, in my opinion, because small talk is either boring or panic-inducing for me. But for those times when you do want to have a short discussion about local weather trends, this method is economical since you already need to go grocery shopping probably and my other idea was to order something on rush from amazon prime and then talk to the delivery person;
  • Focus on the reasons you enjoy working from home;
  • Do some of the work tasks that involve others (returning phone calls, outreach, supply run, etc.);
  • Take a deep breath. Try doing a set of breath-work: breathe in for four counts, hold it for seven, breathe out for eight;
  • Text a friend and make plans to meet up after you’re done work;
  • Affirm: I only need my approval. I approve of myself;
  • Remind yourself that it’s okay to need others and want support;
  • Exercise. Go for a walk or run around your neighbourhood or do a youtube workout video in your bedroom. It’s easy to forget how much this can turn your day around;
  • Enjoy your own company. Forget who isn’t there, just enjoy yourself;
  • Write a list of things to do when you’re lonely.

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