Tabloids in the Self-Checkout Lane

The ability to hear the truth and be changed by it is a lesson in humility.

– pia mellody

When I was at the grocery store today, I saw a headline that said, “He’s not the same man she married!”, referring to an unnamed actor (not important who, really, and I am not one for worshipping celebrity, though I would be lying if I said it wasn’t comforting in some way on occasion [end of extremely long side note]). This is something I genuinely don’t understand.

Did you expect them to stay the same forever? Do you think a person owes it to you not to ever change?

One of the greatest human gifts is the ability to be changed by experience. This is the goal, to stay open, to keep learning, to allow yourself to evolve.

We can close ourselves off for a variety of reasons, I think. The world is harsh and for many, experiencing heartbreak serves to harden them instead of keeping them open. We need to fight this tendency in ourselves. The world does not need more closed, harsh people. We need to stay open. The terror of the world is often perpetuated by people who have known this terror personally, and let it harden their hearts. Resist the urge to build thicker and thicker walls around your heart. We are all vulnerable humans in need of love, at the end of the day.

You can never really know someone, really. You only know what they show you. Your interpretation of what they show you, filtered through your own understanding of the world. We assume that people will be the same as we remember them each time. Maybe we assume that we are the same too.

One of the greatest sources of resistance to personal growth may be lack of humility. If you say you are improved, then you must admit that you used to know less, or maybe made mistakes in the past. When we are humble, we admit we have more to learn, opening ourselves up to growth and to experiencing change.

Some interpretations of humility seem to imply that to be humble is to lack confidence. I disagree. It takes a great amount of inner confidence to be okay with being considered wrong or being challenged. To respond gracefully and with confidence, but not defensiveness.

I have been thinking about balance. Balancing humility and worthiness.

I am inherently worthy and valuable; I have so much to learn and often make mistakes.

You are a magical, unique expression of the universe’s energy; and so is everyone else.



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