[mug by Dallas Clayton, speaker of truth]


2015, a year of some of my greatest heartbreaks.

I, among those who have done the breaking.


Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.

And then,

just before your head hits the pillow,

the earth shakes,

beneath your tired body.


Awake at night,

waiting for the after shocks.


How long will this last?

Will this be the one,

to push you down,

to bury you under the rubble of skyscrapers,

to send the tsunami your way?


I, among those who are still here.

2015, the sun is setting on these tragic days.


Endure, endure, endure.

And then,

just before you were going to give in,

the skies open,

above your restless head.


Will this be the one,

to hold you up,

to teach you of your stellar worth,

to learn the lessons into your heart?

How long will you wait?


Awake at dawn,

knowing you are enough.



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