and so it can be

the bad news first: people are trying to bring you down, and they are invested in keeping you down.

there are people in this world who profit from your pain, exhaustion, frustration and dread. they are not bad people. they have bought into the lie that power over others will protect you and make you happy.

many of these people are rich, but not all. money is not in itself evil – i do not subscribe to that idiom. money is simply a resource, a tool.

there are systems in place that support using money and any other tool we have to collect as much power as we can and take as much as we can from others.

we are taught scarcity, competition, and separateness.

in reality, none of this is the truth.

we can see what we want to see and what we are looking for. if you think there is not enough to support you, there won’t be. no matter what you have, it won’t be enough for you. if you think others are out to get you, you will interpret what they do that way.

there is no separation from the whole. and thus there is no competition – it is not us vs. them. “it’s all of us or none of us” as the saying goes.

you cannot support yourself while pushing others down – you are attached to them intricately, inescapably.

you cannot take that which is inherently gifted. you can take money, possessions, material things – these are human-created. but you cannot steal someone’s power. they will always have something, the magical spirit of being human, the ability to make their own decision (no matter what you do to try to control them), the impenetrable imagination and company of their own mind.

and no one can take these from you.

you can see what you want to see.

do you want to recognize your own worth? affirm the power you have that no one can take from you? recognize your ability to choose your actions and the freedom of your spirit?

and so it can be.

because the world is so profoundly confused, it has become all important to learn to support ourselves and lift ourselves up. others may try to bring you down with them but they have no power over you. you can affirm your worth and your agency and carry on.

the line between the personal and the political does not exist. there is no separation between what is important on an individual level or on a collective level.

daily, as a woman, i am told i’m not as valued as other people; as a person with mental illness, that my opinion cannot be trusted; as a queer person, that i don’t deserve to be happy or have the things that i want; as a bisexual woman, that i don’t exist.

but no one can take from me what i know to be true. i am worthy of this life. i am powerful. i am a unique expression of the energy of the universe.

it is my intention and commitment to lift myself up in the face of a world trying to bring me down – and lift you up with me.


One thought on “and so it can be

  1. “I am the power and authority in my life” is something that I tried very hard to believe by repeating daily, many times a day. It was during some very dark times three years ago, and I was down at the bottom feeling like a leaf at the mercy of the wind. It took two solid years before I would start thinking about what I was saying. Only recently I have managed actually to affirm and act on my agency, and my authority over my life, and even then I needed help from friends because I kept slipping into “I have no choice, oh doom and gloom” moods.

    Perhaps not many people are like me; I come from a background of decades of abuse and a brainwashed mind full of conflicted and irrational fears. But I do believe that the brainwashing exists in some form or other, the belief system that there are layers and certain people belong in certain layers – stations if you prefer the old-fashioned way of saying it. And unfortunately, I have existed with people in all aspects of life who believe their “station” is their right and even worse they step on other people’s bodies when it comes to them remaining where they are or getting higher. Lies, mind games, machinations, manipulations, abuse. We exist in a time where big companies allow for politics as long as the legal borders of abuse are not breached. The letter of the law.

    I’ve chosen to remove myself from that game because it wasn’t aligned with who I am inside and left a high profile career, to go back to basics. None of that would have been possible if I believed inside that I had no choice. No choice to be different, no choice but to take part to politics, no choice but to remain silent and let the “politicians” at work do what they do best. You are correct: we have a choice. It may not be an easy choice; it may need education (for some of us more than others), but it’s there. There is always a choice.

    Thank you so much for writing this post, it means a lot to me on many levels.


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