Possibility Models


I heard this term from Laverne Cox, when she so eloquently and confidently appeared on the Katie Couric show. The whole interview is pretty badass – watch & learn!

Laverne calls herself a “possibility model”.

I love LOVE this! I look up to so many people – not the usual suspects – people who have what I want. They are living proof. I respect them and I am grateful for them sharing the way.

Mostly, I am inspired by creatives, entrepreneurs, people doing things differently. I want to throw so much virtual love to these people for inspiring me!

  1. Kim Katrin Milan: What a gift this woman is to all of us! I have learned endlessly from her and will continue to allow myself to be guided by her wisdom. You can support her by becoming a monthly member on her site. She offers everything for free though. On her instragram, she posts beautiful pictures and defends our right to take selfies.
  2. Ingrid Nilsen: Her coming out video, “Something I Want You to Know” has almost 14 million views on YouTube, so you have probably already seen it. Ingrid discussed her internalized homophobia and how she is overcoming it to accept her true self. It was a beautiful moment. She’s also talking about changing stereotypes of what a lesbian looks like and recently asked Obama (while recording live) why there is still a tax on menstrual products. #femmepower
  3. Alexandra Wolf: Founder of #BossBabe, a network of millenial women business owners! This woman is the real deal. She offers so many tips and game-changers, including altering your relationship with money and building a business around your lifestyle and happiness.
  4. Leo Babauta: Zen Habits is my go-to. What a delightful space. This man does everything his own way – he has no ads on his site, self-publishes, offers all his work under creative commons (you can use & edit as you like). Before you think this means he doesn’t make money – he supports his six kids & wife & lives in San Francisco. Anything is possible, people!
  5. My grandmother: She wasn’t perfect (no one is), but she was an example of what is possible. From a very difficult childhood and early life, she raised 6 children (mostly on her own) and in her 60s, completely started over in creating a life she loved. She moved to beautiful central Ontario, went to school to pursue her dream, and devoted all her time to serving others.

This is my daily goal: to use my talents & abilities to serve others while supporting myself & living my dream lifestyle.

I believe it’s possible! Thank you to these folks for showing me the way.

Keep moving.



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