An overwhelmed vegan goes to Portland

If you are vegan and easily overwhelmed (me), Portland may not be the place for you. There’s too many options! I think you could spend weeks there, only eating in vegan restaurants, and never eat at the same place twice. With only two days, how could I decide?

Related: I was also overwhelmed by Portland’s whole “vegan hipster heaven” persona, and how Oregon overall has a racist history, the current vegan movement has major white supremacy problems, and my own personal complicated life situations. whoa, yeah, I needed a vacation. Which is why this post is only about food and not about any of that. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. I deserve 2 days off just eating delicious food and walking across scary bridges!

To narrow the decisions down just a little bit, I asked my travel buddy what they wanted to cover, and we searched for the BEST Portland had to offer!

Categories: brunch (duhdoi), icecream, burritos, doughnuts, burgers, comfort

With limited time, we went by recommendations and tried a few things out.

Papa G

Delicious mac & cheese, bbq tofu, a tempeh reuben + greens. All organic, and they had a lovely patio. It was very casual (a plus for me) and the food was perfect.


Portabello Vegan Trattoria

Too fancy for my taste. I guess with all the hype I had very high expectations. It was good, but not that good. Also, I had a vegan benedict, which could never possibly live up to my favourite brunch of all time, Champ’s Diner in Brooklyn. Bae had cinnamon french toast and pancakes, because why not.


Voodoo Doughnut

A touristy experience in Portland: waiting in line for a long time to buy doughnuts while folks living on the street ask you for change. I bought 2 doughnuts that were super cheap and there was tons of selection for vegan ones. I ended up giving one to an artist at the market. The doughnut was too cakey. Not really worth the wait, but it’s very pretty.


Black Water Bar

So much comfort. Mozza sticks, caesar salad, cheezburger + fries. There happened to be an anarchist fair in the bar at the same time we were there. One of my favourites!


Back to Eden

I got ice cream here and went back the next day for lunch (chili + cornbread). Not much selection for food but it was delicious.


Junior’s Cafe

Not a vegan place, served amazing vegan brunch! It’s a cute diner with lots of charm.

IMG_0756 (2)

[mmmmm. side note: fave sweatshirt from Migration]

We didn’t finish our list. Notably absent: best burrito! We did try to go to Taqueria Los Gorditos (they have a separate vegan menu) but time was up & they didn’t open until 9.

There you have it! A not at all comprehensive guide to vegan food in Portland. Read this if you want something more: Vegan Guide to Portland by Food Fight! Grocery


I wish you joy & vegan burritos,





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