So you want to talk, Bell?

Hi, this is late. But I didn’t want to deal with all the CSR BS on the hashtag day. 

What do you want to talk about?

Do you want to talk about how alienating it is to see #BellLetsTalk #StopStigma all over facebook from people who ignored my depression months ago?

About how you are profiting off my pain?

Maybe about why you don’t just donate money in the first place?

Why do you need everyone to use your hashtag?

So we know how good you are?

So that you can get free advertising from people who are trying to help others?

Or maybe about how ‘donating’ to us charity cases just makes us feel even shittier because we know we couldn’t hold down a job at your company and we just need your handouts, right?

About how you are using people’s most devastating memories to support your corporate image? 

About how the situation in your ads is my actual life?

Have you ever tried to tell your boss you need time off because you’re depressed?

Do you want to talk about how I tried to get a leave of absence but the doctor wouldn’t sign the note?

About how I don’t have health benefits anyways so I just quit my job?

How about we talk about you making my cell phone and internet free while I’m in recovery?

Let’s talk about how corporate social responsibility (ie. marketing campaigns) is not going to get anyone free.

ps. I’m in recovery now, thanks for asking. #DontTalkToMe




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