I have nothing to prove

No growth comes for free. You can’t burst out of your shell and keep it in tact at the same time. – Chani Nicholas

I started writing this a while ago, but with yesterday’s new moon in Aquarius (my sun sign), I am feeling it…

I don’t need to “prove” myself to anyone.

I’m done trying to gain the approval of people who make no attempt to understand.

Women, we often feel like we need to prove ourselves.

Like we don’t have inherent worth. Like we’re not valuable just for existing.

When I used to work in a large organization, I sometimes felt the pressure getting to me. Like I needed to prove myself. Like maybe my job wasn’t secure so I needed to work extra hard. Like I’m young and so I still need to ‘pay my dues’ (while also literally paying my dues).


I have nothing to prove.

I am valuable. You either get that or you don’t.

If you treat me like I’m not, that’s about you. Not me.

I am not going to try to prove my worth.

I know my worth. And that’s all I need.

When I speak my truth and stand up for my (unpopular) beliefs, I sometimes feel the pressure of having to defend myself, prove my beliefs. Like my experience isn’t enough. Like my feelings aren’t enough. Like I’m not enough.

But I am and they are.

There is no truth to the illusion of objectivity. The illusion of the rational man and the emotional woman.

I am emotional. I don’t need to prove my emotions fit into your illusion of truth. My emotions are the truth.

When I feel insecure that my voice isn’t loud enough or confident enough, I remember my friend and teacher who told me my soft voice is a gift.

“Those who want to listen will come closer. You don’t need to speak louder.”

I will not try to prove myself.

If you want to, come closer and listen to my quiet voice.

If you don’t recognize my worth, my words are not for you.

I know my worth. And that’s all I need.



3 thoughts on “I have nothing to prove

  1. That is beautiful and resonates with me and my experiences. I have been in situations where everything I know and I am was discarded without even a second thought. Our job is not to prove ourselves to people who are not even worthy of a second thought but rather live and remain true to ourselves, using our potential to the fullest extent. I love what you say about the soft voice. Thank you for the reminder, I needed that.


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