On hopefulness

You must believe another way is possible. It’s called hope.

Surprisingly, many people label me as ‘negative’ and don’t think I am a hopeful person. Because I point out what isn’t currently working, and try to make things better.

As I see it, we need to recognize where we can improve to actually get there. That’s a start.

I find that so many people are afraid to even go there.

When you point to problems in our world (side note: the problems are there, whether you acknowledge them or not), a curious thing happens. Some people try to discredit your perspective and argue. But others, and this is very curious to me, they don’t disagree; they simply say, that’s the way it is.

See also: that’s just how the world works, people are just like that, that’s just the way it is.

We will never improve a situation that we refuse to acknowledge. We will never grow in places that we deprive of attention. “The grass is greenest where you water it,” says Kim Milan.

Surprisingly to some, my hopefulness is the only reason I am able to acknowledge some terrible truths. When I am not connected to hope, I cannot allow myself to engage with certain realities because the pain is too great. What allows me to acknowledge and talk about oppression and pain and suffering is my hope and my belief that another way is possible.

I believe that things can be different.

I believe that things will be different.

Everything is temporary, even the greatest suffering and pain.

This is how acknowledging suffering is actually an incredibly hopeful act.

I see how some people respond with resignation. That’s just the way it is. If you are not connected to your hope, this may be your response. Building hopefulness and belief in possibilities is an important part of social change. We must believe it is possible if we are to work toward it.

My spiritual path of self-acceptance and hopefulness is a part of my activism. They are linked and intertwined and weaved together. Being a hopeful person is a part of activism. I work to cultivate this every day. I work to nurture my belief in possibilities.

Things will be different. Change is an inevitable part of life. The world can be different and you can be different. Everything is constantly in flux. You are constantly changing and evolving.

Whatever you are going through, I encourage you to believe this, or try to believe it.

Things can be different, everything is possible. Hope is a powerful place.



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