recovery is life-long

*content warning

i’m about to list the things i’m working on








things i am recovering from:

my childhood

sexual assault

“bullying”, ie. harassment

internalised biphobia

everyday sexism

severe depression and anxiety

contributing to the suffering of billions of people and animals for most of my life

unhealthy/abusive relationship dynamics


right now, things i’m focused on learning:

boundaries (physical, social, mental) that support my wellness

letting go of guilt – for being me, for taking care of myself, for not giving others what they want when it’s a my own expense (many women struggle with this i think)

following my own internal cues & intuition

how i am contributing to white supremacy and how i can do better

enjoying my everyday life***


things i’ve learned:

recovery is a process that continues for life

if you’ve been allowing people to manipulate you, they will respond negatively to losing their power over you. continue on your path to self empowerment. anyone who doesn’t support you in being your true self is not allowed in your space.

everything is temporary

you will be rewarded for being yourself and following your intuition. it may not be in the ways you expect. be open.

i am all i have. i will always have me & my relationship with myself is the most important thing in my life.


affirmations to help you with recovery:

I am enough.

I release the need to feel anxiety/depression/shame/etc.

I deserve to be happy. I deserve peace.

My life is my creation.

My work is in service of others. My life is in support of a just world.

I approve of me. I have everything I need.


things that support me in recovery:


loving-kindness meditation (here’s a tutorial)

taking care of myself (in whatever ways feel good)

leaving behind, or spending less time with, people or situations that deplete my energy and make me feel low

reading about self development/love/life philosophy

expressing myself through art, writing, cooking

connecting with my body by doing yoga or exercising or doing a body-scan

spending time with trees, mountains or water

lifting up others


keep moving towards your best self & being you,

with love,



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