There is nothing wrong with you • Living with the Seasons

 Every week until the winter solstice, I am going to write about living with the seasons and their affect on us. I hope it might help someone. Just know that I love you.

I talked about CBT techniques last week and I want to make sure one thing is perfectly clear:

There is nothing wrong with you.

AGAIN: There is nothing wrong with you.

People have shared with me that CBT has made them feel as though their illness is their fault (It’s not).

Also, some therapeutic techniques ignore what is going on around you. As I said last week, we cannot separate ourselves from our environment. Our environment is affecting us (and we are having an affect, too). If you are experiencing something traumatic, changing your thinking will not end it.

And it’s not so simple to say, well then get out of that situation. There are many situations that are difficult or impossible to get out of: abusive relationships, being ill yourself, having a sick child or partner, experience death of a close person or miscarriage, experiencing racism or sexism or trans misogyny, colonialism.

We cannot control things external  to us to some degree. We cannot control what other people do. And right now where I live, people experience these things every day. It’s been proven that racism contributes to depression. Ya and water is wet!

We need to work on ourselves and care for ourselves very deeply.

And we must continue to remember that we work on ourselves so that we can be present in the world and support others. I fill my own heart up so that I can nurture and care for others. (in fact, they are not separate)

Addressing mental illness means addressing systemic causes of mental illness.

It’s personal and it’s political.


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